Making Webcomics on the National Day on Writing

writingman sarah
Yesterday was the National Day on Writing (did you get my Hallmark greeting card? No? Must be in the mail) and I had imagined some school-wide event at my school, but that fell apart when I realized the scale of such an operation. I didn’t have the energy, I guess.

But we did celebrate the Day on Writing in sixth grade, as I had all of my students (about 80) head to our Bitstrips Webcomic site to create a webcomic that celebrates writing. I helped get them started by creating an activity template that they could follow with a character I invented called WritingMan.

Not everyone finished during the class (some continue to get wrapped up in the joy of creating characters — it’s time-sucking fun) but I was happy to see how engaged they were and how thoughtful they were about writing.

Here are a few of their comics:

Peace (on the funny pages of writing),

PS – Yesterday I wrote a poem, and share the podcast, about the Day on Writing, so I was involved on a few levels with the event.

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