Why I’m Not on Facebook (but I am at Bill’s)

My friend, Bill Gaskins, asked for guest bloggers, and I volunteered, and then wondered what the heck to write about. I can spew all day here (sorry, readers) but it’s different when you are taking up space at someone else’s blog, particularly when it’s someone you respect like Bill. You have to have some focus.

I decided to write about Facebook and why I am a conscientious objector to the site (a bit of a stretch of those words, for sure) and so my guest post features some focused ramblings about why that is and what I may be missing over there in FB Land.

You can read my post over at Bill’s Creating a Path for Learning site. I also recorded my piece as a podcast, which you can listen to here.

Facebook and Me

Peace (in the sharing of ideas),

  1. Hi Kevin —
    Just read your post over on Bill’s blog — I found your voice pulling me into the artice. It was a great tone. I, too, share your adversion to FB, but have found myself on it due to the TWT page. Still, I avoid it as much as possible — it zaps my time. Thanks for taking the time to write it and share.

  2. I love FB, Kevin, and am surprised by your aversion to it, but we all have to go our own way. My privacy settings are all “friends only” and I am able to stay connected to people I thought I had lost. (You’d be surprised how cool “the past” can be in the present!) I really love how I can share photos and view the photos my friends and family put on FB. (Much better than Flickr, and just as private.) I don’t “friend” students (or former ones), and I do probably spend too much time on it — but it’s fun! I ready recently that the fastest growing population of FB users are adults 40 and over. They said once the kids realize this, the “cool factor” will be over and they will all flee FB. that cracked me up!

  3. Kevin, I always feel like one of the last people not on facebook. We do have a facebook page to connect with our website, but I don’t really touch it, and I don’t browse around–I post on facebook what’s on the blog. I look at my wife’s facebook sometimes (with her present, of course) to look at photos of family, but that’s it. I liked what Conan tweeted a while back, “The White House is proposing a way to spy on suspects while they’re online. The plan is called “Signing them up for Facebook.”

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