NWP Annual Meeting: Even if you’re not there, you can be there

nwpam2010Yesterday, I wrote a bit about what I will be doing when I head down to the National Writing Project’s Annual Meeting in two weeks. But I know that not everyone can attend, whether you are with the NWP or not. Luckily, in the last few years, the NWP folks have been branching out ways to stay connected to the Annual Meeting work, even if you are not there.

First of all, NWP encourages all bloggers and writers who are going to post any work to use the nwpam10 tag (such as I am doing here with this post). The tagging architecture of the Web allows people to search for all work that shares a similar tag. So, using the Google Blog Search Engine, if you were to search for the tag of nwpam10, you should theoretically get access to those various posts.

Second, if you are on Twitter, then NWP urges the use of the hashtag #nwpam10, which will collect all tweets about the Annual Meeting together. I use a platform called Tweetdeck, which conveniently puts all of my hashtags into columns, so I can easily view all of the #nwpam10 tweets in one place. See what I mean: head to #nwpam2010 tweets so far.

Third, if folks are using Flickr, then there is a space there, too, for photos. Again, this happens because folks are encouraged to use the nwpam10 tag on their photos. The photos should end up here in this nwpam10 Flickr space. (Tagging is such an interesting structural device, isn’t it?).

Fourth, there is a similar tagging infastructure at YouTube, so if people tag their videos with nwpam10, then they should end up in this search query for nwpam10 at the video hosting site.

Fifth, there is another tagging space at Slideshare for folks to share their presentations from the various workshops. Again, the same tag is being used, and the search at Slideshare is for nwpam10.

Finally, NWP has been using a Posterous blogging site to make it as easy as possible for folks to report from various workshops, conferences and meetings. You can follow that work at the NWP Walkabout blog.

All of this information, and more,  is available at the NWP website, by the way. And thanks to Andrea for reminding me of it all.

Peace (in the tag to remember: nwpam10),

  1. Great post, Kevin! This is going to be such fun 🙂 I also wanted to comment on yesterday’s post as I am super excited you’ll be at the roundtable on Digital Literacies. The work being presented there is so thoughtful and inspiring. We’ll see each other soon!

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