Wandering off to “Imaginary Lands”

I have a huge stack of Imaginary Peaceful Land Travel Brochures and just in time for the report card crunch time, too! Just kidding. My students did a fantastic job on this project. The task: invent an imaginary land that uses elements of our school’s Peacebuilders program and tap into expository and creative writing to create a brochure, including a brief history, descriptions and a map.

I will probably pull out some ones that struck me as very creative in the next week or so, but for now, I am sharing the music video of some of the projects (I took so many pictures that it was too long for Animoto, so I need to create a second one).

Notice how many of them used elements of design: color, layout, images. We talked about design elements here, looking at real brochures, and I was happy to see so many students remembering that and using it in their projects.

Peace (in the sharing),

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