Hello Old Friend: Day in A Sentence/Haiku-

dayinsentenceiconIt’s been a long time since I have had my old friend, Day in a Sentence, back at my site for hosting. Bonnie has been overseeing the collaborative writing feature, and doing a great job inviting so many other bloggers to both host and to add their own reflective thoughts to the mix each week.

And now, I get it back for this week. But I can’t do it alone. I need you. Please consider joining this week’s Day in a Sentence, with the theme of HAIKU. That’s right: A Day in a Haiku. Now, if you know anything about my site, you know I am no stickler for rules. So, while the traditional Haiku format is 5/7/5 and all about nature, you go on ahead and do it the way that feels right to you.

Here are mine (I wrote two, which I will explain in a minute). The first is about puppet plays that have been in progress for a bit too long and still are works in progress, even though they will be performing them this week for younger students:

Our classroom’s a mess.
All this week, they’ll try their best
Behind (the) puppet stage

And I had another haiku reflection, more somber, as one of the fathers of a child on my son’s basketball team passed away suddenly this past week in what I can only say is a strange accident while he was on vacation. The team won a nail-biter game yesterday, with the son playing as way to temporarily escape his grief and team rallying around him. I am the team scorekeeper, and this dad and I had a warm conversation just last weekend about the game and about his son. That conversation lingers with me.

The last time we spoke,
we chatted about the stats
and praised his son’s game.

You can add your Day in a Haiku by using the comment link right at this post. They will go into my moderation bin.  I’ll be collecting all of the haikus and releasing them into the world together in some form sometime next weekend. If you are a returning Day-er, it will be great to see your words again. If you are new, then welcome.

Peace (in three lines),

  1. Hi. Could this count towards your “Day in A Sentence”?

    Haiku book review of STEIN ON WRITING:

    Writers write for Stein
    Whose pen draws forth blood from men
    They love him for it.

  2. I love using haiku. I often have my students summarize what we have been learning using haiku. It’s so easy for them to get the format, and it’s a creative way to share what you know. So, here’s one since you asked 🙂

    Sitting on the couch
    I need to do more than just
    Blog posts and laundry!

  3. My neighbors are facing an overwhelming sadness behind the shades in their dark house. They obviously don’t want to interact with anyone. I hurt for them. My haiku came from watching them limp in over the snow in their driveway, he with a hurt foot now.

    Her shoulders sag low
    and He hobbles from the car.
    Their hearts are broken

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