Working, Playing, Talking Glogster

Yesterday, we spent much of our class period talking about, which I have shown my students but never brought them into. Now that we are in the midst of an independent book reading unit, with a book project as one of the end products, I wanted them to learn a bit about Glogster, which is an online postering site.

So, we went through the activities yesterday of logging in, changing passwords, adding a little bit of profile information, talking about privacy (Glogster as a closed community), discussing design elements (“just because you can doesn’t mean you should’), and providing some time for just playing around with the site.

Just like last year, they took to it pretty quickly and were having a blast with the site. I heard a lot of “let me show you how to do that” and “I want to change my avatar” and  “I wonder what this does” and “can I do this at home, too, Mr. H?” Yes, of course.

This week, they will also begin doing some research and then building a Glog poster around a type of bridge, as part of a collaboration that I do with our science teacher. Today, in fact, she is going to be showing them some projects from last year, with an emphasis on glogs that did not quite work because they were too flashy, or represents bad design (no student names are on those projects).

Here are two handouts that I provided to my students yesterday. The tutorial was adapted from someone else’s.

Peace (in the glogs),


  1. Thanks Kevin,
    These are great. Do you mind me sharing with my staff ? We are hoping to do more with Glogs this Year. One of my senior students created a Glog to embed her digital narrative for English and it was awesome. Hoping to use more with jnr classes in English, History and Geography, providing it is unblocked in our school filter !

  2. Hello, we’re combining the learning curve of Glogster with the X by X Science cell bio poems. A work in progress but there’s plenty of learning to be had by all! Thanks for the hard copy examples!

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