Eponym Inventions: We Are What We Create

Hodgohat Music Cloud
We’re in the midst of learning all about the origins of words in the English Language and this week, we plunged our way into Eponyms (words that have someone’s name or part of their name in them.) As a writing prompt, I had them invent something (machine, food, animal, whatever) and then name the thing after themselves. They had to do a sketch drawing, with labels, and then write a brief description of their eponymous inventions.

They had great fun with the activity, and they shared out yesterday. The inventions included time travel machines, odd food snacks, writing utensils that work almost like magic, beasts with assorted parts from other animals, and the perennial homework contraption.

As always, I came up with my own, inspired by being tired of having to have headphones or ear buds on to listen to music. I always wondered: what if we could create a music cloud around our heads? Thus, the Hodg-o-Hat Music Cloud (trademarked, so no stealing my ideas, man!)

Peace (in the cloud),

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