Working with iMovie: The Snowman

In a few weeks, I am going to be leading a workshop around digital storytelling at a school in our district, and they want to learn how to use their Macs and iMovie to create digital stories. I’m mostly a PC man, but I do have a Mac for my classroom and I have done some video editing with iMovie. But never a digital story, with still shots and narration and music. In the past, I have mostly used Photostory3, which works fine for the stories I have created. Yesterday, I worked through this short piece as a sample in iMovie and as a way to navigate the steps.

I do like iMovie, but I don’t like that you have to move photos into iPhoto first and move music into iTunes first (or am I missing something?). It seems to me that adds extra steps to the process, although there is something to be said for an integrated system of software.

Anyway, here is my digital story about a snowman that seemed to last forever in our back yard this winter.

Peace (in the stories),

  1. Kevin, lovely story about the snowman. I love to hear your voice telling it. You give me confidence to try this. One thing I would like to tell you is, you can drag a jpg image right into a project from the desktop. I always ran the photos through iPhoto too, but recently a student showed me I could drag them right on there. That was with iMovie ’08 and ’11. I’m not sure about the music, though. Good luck with that workshop!
    Enjoying your blog posts again,

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