Slice of Life: The End of Bassman

Slice of Life 2011Last year, in a bit of a hiatus between the collapse of my longtime band (The Sofa Kings) and the start of a new band (no name yet), I started to tap into the world of rock and roll bands with a webcomic called Bassman. I have always wanted to play bass in a band (even though I am only so-so — my main instruments are the sax and rhythm guitar) and the comic allowed me to explore this interest.

I worked on about 20 comic strips and then lost interest. The other day, I stumbled on Bassman again (and sent the link off to our new bass player, who is so incredibly talented) and realized that I needed to bring the comic to an end, and what better way to end the story than with the band falling apart and the members wondering what is next.

Yesterday morning, with the gift of a two-hour delay in my school (but not in my sons’ schools), I wrote out and then created the final comic strips in the Bassman series. If you know any musicians in a rock band (or if you are one yourself), you may recognize something in the characters.

Peace (in the dissonance),

  1. Well, time for the drums if you have them! It’s great to see this newly popular form of communication. The edginess of your writing is great. Thanks for resurrecting Bassman.

  2. Loved this! I wish I could do a better job at teaching my kids more about how to write a good comic, especially for the boys who just thrive on the “idea” of comics but don’t quite get them off the ground. i think if I tried my hand at writing a comic I might just be able to figure out how to do this.

    • I don’t know what grade you teach, but I bet there are some kids who could teach you and the class a few things about making comics.
      If you are interested, here is a great site that I write for that explores comics and graphic novels in education: The Graphic Classroom
      And here is my old webcomic series about technology and the classroom: Boolean Squared.

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