Slice of Life: The Rubber Stamp Collection for Teachers

Slice of Life 2011Yesterday, I got inspired by a piece I read at McSweeney’s Internet Tendencies humor site about potential rubber stamps that writing teachers would want to have handy when correcting student papers. It cracked me up. And then, on Twitter, I started to create and share my own over the course of the day. So, here I present to you, my collection of possible Writing Rubber Stamps for Teachers:

“Remind me when I said you could use a bright pink gel pen for final projects? You owe me a pair of glasses.”

“Lovely. Beautiful. Stunning. Don’t Stop”

“Remember that graphic organizer we used? Did you use it?”

“I hope someday to walk in a bookstore and see your book on display. You’re an amazing young writer.”

“Do you really know where this story is going? ‘Cause I don’t.”

“I wish the standardized test knew you were such a poet. Unfortunately, it doesn’t. “

“i before e except after c. Or better yet, why not use that spellcheck on the computer you used to type this thing.”

“You flip tense so much I don’t know if I am in the future, present or past. I’m gonna barf.”

“Your character in your story was just perfect. I felt as if he/she were walking into the room as I read.”

“I know you love animated clip art. But dancing bears and exploding pigeons have no place in this essay.”

“In the future, if the eraser shreds the paper, please get a new paper. We have plenty.”

“You know that second paragraph? The one with words you can’t pronounce? Should I Google it?”

“I’m a little worried about your imitation of ee cummings in this college application letter.”

“Kindly inform your parents that their work on your paper resulted in a solid B grade.”

“I believe you once again confused your math project with your writing project.”

“Misspelling your own name on a final paper will ALWAYS result in some lost points. Try to practice.”

“Coincidence is magic. You and your girlfriend/boyfriend’s exact answers on the test is pure kismet.”

“The joy you put into this is assignment is the joy I will have reading it. The pain, too.”

If you have any rubber stamp ideas, let me know.

Peace (on the stamp),

  1. LOVE this–you got me started with the line about the pink gel pen! I also really liked the one about googling their paragraph! Students are always amazed that I can find their “writing” when I Google it!

  2. Oh, I giggled until my side hurt. Those were very entertaining. My favorite was “Kindly inform your parents that their work on your paper resulted in a solid B grade.” I have the same problem teaching primary kids. Thank you for the morning pick-me-up.

  3. My staff has been discussing good responses to student writing, working hard to find good ways to say the right thing. I will share this with them. Your comments gave me extra chuckles on this Monday morning. Thanks! I loved the ‘misspelling name’ one-practice!

  4. You had me laughing from the first stamp, Kevin! I’d like to add two I need: “Text message English is not the same as textbook English” and “You actually can’t write a GED essay in 140 characters or less.”

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