Slice of Life: Singing with the Band

Slice of Life 2011My new band is really coming together. We’re still working on a name (but have it narrowed down to some finalists) and we need some gigs down the road (our first outing may be a benefit concert at my school), but the rock and roll groove is there. We’re working on songs from Creedence, to Motown Soul, to The Outsiders, to some original stuff.

Mostly, I am the saxophonist, and one of the songwriters as we slowly mesh some original material into the mix.

Last night, our lead singer was absent and I had to step in and do the vocals, so we could at least practice through some songs (including a medley of Johnny B Goode, I Saw Her Standing There, Summertime Blues, and Runaway — way out of my range for most of those). Man, I’ve sort of lost my voice this morning and taking on that role of lead singer was more difficult than I remember it. It also brought me some renewed appreciation for our singer, who has a wonderful voice and a wide range.

It was fun, but strenuous, and I am going to need my voice today. If you see it, can you remind it to come back home. Thanks.

Peace (in the band),

  1. That sounds like great fun! Your post reminds me of one of our teachers here who loses her voice each year. She has the students design wanted posters asking if anyone has seen (or heard) her voice.

  2. I am continually amazed at all the creative ventures you are involved in! Tech Supreme, Teacher, Band Dude, Quidditch Coach among other things. I loved this slice–and yes, if I see your voice–I’ll send it home to you. BYW, it’s been a delight slicing with you again–I enjoyed all the comments you put on my posts. Thanks very much!

  3. Awesome–I have no musical talent, but am a good listener. 🙂 I hope your voice comes back soon and that your lead vocalist is back with you as you continue to practice.

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