Slice of Life: From Quidditch fields to Baseball fields

Slice of Life 2011I would be remiss not to write more about Quidditch and baseball before the Slice of Life challenges ends today. I’m somewhat avoided these topics because I felt like it would be Groundhog Day — echoing what I have written for SOL in the last few years in March (it’s amazing how much of our life really does repeat itself, if we take a close look.)

First up, we took our students on a field trip yesterday to an indoor soccer arena, where we had an entire (and exhausting) day of sports activities. There was soccer. There was dodgeball. And there was our game of Quidditch. We (Atomic Blur) played against two other sixth grade class teams in scrimmage, without keeping score. We’ll play our third team in scrimmage in two weeks, just days before the 2011 Quidditch Tournament at our school (where all four sixth grade classes compete for the Quidditch Cup). Next week, we’ll be doing artwork and coming up with plays.

I know I have written this before but: I truly do have one of the nicest classes I have had in years. I see it in the classroom, of course. I see it in the hallways. But on the Quidditch field — where they get very passionate and we have to temper some competitive spirit when it gets too intense — they were marvelous to coach and wonderful to watch. They were supportive of each other. They were cheering each other on. High fives, everywhere. The game seemed to bring out the best in just about everyone.

I know some of you may be wondering: what is this game of Quidditch you play? Here’s a video we made two years ago (for our tenth anniversary of the game) to show others how to play it.

Second, my middle son had his first little league baseball practice yesterday. Once again, I am one of the assistant coaches. Really, I am just “helper man.” We had our “draft” the other night, which I usually write about but didn’t this year, and we got a good crop of kids, it seems. The strange twist this year was that there were not enough little league kids to field all the teams (more are playing lacrosse than every before) so our team got folded into another team.

My son was fine with that shift (except for losing his team name and the color shirt, which used to be yellow and now will be green), since now he is on a team with two of his best friends, and we have more older kids who have played this level than any other team. I think we may be the favorites this season, which would be nice, since it has been a few years of awful, terrible records (but still fun). We have more talent this year than ever.

My arm is a bit sore from throwing the ball for the first time since last summer, but it was fun to see the kids tossing the ball, hitting on the diamond, and catching fly balls. That sound of the ball smacking the glove, and the laughter of young players back on the field, is spring to me.

And now — a winter storm might be rolling in. Just in time for April …

Peace (on the fields),

  1. Kevin,
    I’m glad to hear about Quidditch and baseball again this year. You put words to a fuzzy idea on the edges of my mind — so much of life does repeat itself. My first grade daughter is in love with softball. She adores the game. I think we will have many Marches of sore arms ahead of us. Thanks for writing, friend.

  2. I can see, although a storm is looming, that spring must be coming, for you are out in the fields with the players. Thanks for all your interesting posts. I can see you have broad interests, but you made it all sound so good I wanted to jump right in. Thanks also for the quidditch explanation. I will pass it on to the teachers in my school.

  3. Baseball – I have grown to love it. My oldest is a varsity player and my youngest is little league majors. Our daughter also plays softball. I love capturing the sounds of the game. I totally understand about repeating writing on the topic you love. Enjoy your season.

  4. Yay! Quidditch! I always look forward to a report from you each year–and yes, it is interesting how our lives weave themselves around into the same pattern every year. I hope you have a terrific spring, and an enjoyable summer and we’ll see you in these pages again next year.


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