Warning: An Illuminated Poem

For a while now, I have been interested in the idea of “illuminated text” and how to create a project that uses this concept. Over at the NWP Digital Is site, Elyse has been offering suggestions on how one might proceed. She suggested Powerpoint might be one cheap option (and gave a link to a site with various projects that might be models), and a light went off in my head. Of course!

This morning, for Bud’s poetry prompts ( with the concept of a “warning” as the theme), I dove into Powerpoint and using just a single slide, with custom animation, created this poem. I converted it to a video online with Authorstream. I wanted to add music, but it didn’t quite work right. (And I am a little frustrated that a software program that I bought a few years ago to convert PP to video no longer seems to work right.)

So it is a silent poem.

And here is a screenshot of my Powerpoint, just to give an idea of the complexity of animation. Still, I think this could be done with students, on a smaller scale.
Illuminated poem screenshot
Peace (in the poem that moves),

  1. See, I had to click in here for the answer to my burning question- how did you do that? I tried to play with my power point program, but I didn’t see how. I am comfortable with Apple’s Keynote but it’s hard to convert it exactly to powerpoint. I was hoping that that the online link would be the game changer, but it wasn’t. And then I even thought about trying my hand at a prezi but now I’m running out of time for this morning’s work on the computer…

    It’s a winner and I did try and follow your lead. And I do have a poem ready to animate!


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