Using SugarSync to Collaborate with Myself


I was stuck the other day (again) with a file on my home computer — dutifully¬† in my “school work folder” — and for the last time, I realized that I needed to figure out a better system for sharing work with myself. As it happened, that afternoon, a technology magazine that I subscribe to did a whole spread comparing Dropbox (which I know many people use) and SugarSync (which I had never heard of before).

The magazine review came clearly down on the side of SugarSync on a range of variables, including size of free account (5 gig), using multiple media files, and backing up revisions of work.They also liked the “magic briefcase” where you can store a file and edit and revise, and it will be save the revisions on whatever computer it originates from. (Here is another comparison between the two services; again, it recommends SugarSync)

What the heck? I installed it, and wow, it is nice now to be connected to my files here at home and there at school. I know this is no revolutionary idea for many of you and it reminds me how so often things like Dropbox are on my radar for months and months, but I just need the opportunity, need and time to put it to use.

I thought I might try out the “public sharing” with SugarSync. Here is an old file from my school computer (I am at home right now). It’s an MP3 of an old Poem for Two Voices (which we are working on right now in class)

Listen to the Poem

What kind of syncing program do you use?

Peace (in the sync),

  1. I use Google Cloud Connect because most of my sharing docs are made in MS Office and those can now be uploaded in their original forms. It automatically opens every time I create a doc in MS and can also cause things to slow down a bit when I reopen them. It not only opens the doc, but it opens the internet connection as well. I still have some trouble with smooth operation off and on. I’ll have to check out SugarSync.

  2. Hi Kevin,
    I’m glad you wrote about this. I so need to clean up my self collaboration method. I’ve been wanting to use Dropbox, but it is blocked at my school so haven’t made the move yet. I’ve cajoled the tech director for months about it but still no luck. I’m going to look into SugarSync, since I haven’t made any commitment yet. Maybe it’s not blocked!

  3. WooHoo! I just checked and so far Sugarsync has escaped the filtering eye of our district IT department. I’ll give it a try.

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