Two Writer/Teachers Chat About Twitter

Here, in this podcast, writers/teachers Katie Keier (Catching Readers Before They Fall) and Kassia Omohundro Wedekind (upcoming Math Exchanges) talk about using Twitter as a tool for professional development and for extending connections from our classroom to the world. (If you want to follow me on Twitter, I am @dogtrax).

At the Stenhouse site, where I found this, they list a bunch of folks they suggest you follow:

Katie: @bluskyz
Kassia: @kassiaowedekind
@ColoReader (Patrick Allen)
@WriteguyJeff (Jeff Anderson)
@spillarke (Lee Ann Spillane)
@justwonderinY (Cathy Mere)

Peace (in the tweets),

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  1. I check Twitter early morning, before school, while at home. I don’t usually open it again until the evening. The challenge with Twitter as a person whose just too busy during the day, is you only get to catch the current feed. When following lots of people, things get diluted quite a bit. I should reinstall Tweetdeck so I can follow my #kinderchat feed more directly and on a separate tab, but then I would miss so many other tweets, such as yours. I guess we can’t have it all.
    I do credit Twitter with having the greatest impact on my burgeoning PLN. Every time I follow a new person, I have many more possibilities, folks whom THEY are following. One of my oldest #kinderchat friends has been battling cancer and I still try to keep in touch with her, 2500 miles away. This is an example of how Twitter develops a PERSONAL learning network.

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