Come Join the Reboot of Day in a Sentence

Some of you may remember (hopefully, fondly) our Day in a Sentence collaboration, which first began over at now-defunct blog of The Reflective Teacher, and then migrated here at this space for a year or two, and then went off to volunteer blogs from time to time, and then found a home over at Bonnie’s space, and then … well …. we needed a break.

But it feels like it may be time for a reboot.

So, I cordially invite you into Day in a Sentence, version 2.0. Not sure how it works? It’s simple.

  • Think about a day in your week or your entire week;
  • Boil down the essence of that day or week into one single reflective sentence (it can be about teaching but it doesn’t have to be. It should be about a moment in your life);
  • Use the comment link on this blog post to share your Day in a Sentence;
  • I will gather up all of the sentences and post them as a full blog post either this weekend or early next week (I am away this weekend);
  • Be part of a writing community that is reflective.

Here is my Day in a Sentence for this week:

I almost pitched a shut-out …. against my 11-year-old son’s all-star little league baseball team in a parents-versus-kids scrimmage, and now my arm hurts in the shadow of that near-glory moment.

And since I am using Cinch quite a bit, here is my podcast sentence (if you do a podcast of your sentence, just leave the link with your sentence and I will try to embed the audio):

I hope you can join us.

Peace (in the reflection),

  1. Teachers on the Estuary Science Camp, a great way to spend a summer week, now thoughts of ecology and the environment are struggling to find balance and a forum. #TOTEME2011

  2. Good to hear that Day in a Sentence is going to be rebooted. Thanks for all the hard work and effort that is put into continuing this great networking activity. Here is my day in a sentence:
    Having just returned from a fantastic two weeks in Sth Africa where we visited game parks, explored amazing scenic attractions, witnessed basic subsistence agricultural communities at work, experienced the digital, global and cultural divide first hand, it is time to overcome jet lag and commence our second semester of school work.

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