Reflect, Connect with Day in a Sentence

Yo – you may have heard about teachers in the curve using words as a way to connect, reflect and dissect the fragile moments of their days, so let me say to you today that the space is open wide across the geographic divide and I extend a hand to you to come on inside the Day in a Sentence with a moment, a slice, something sad or something nice, something that gives you pause and when you do, listen for the applause across this great big wide world. I have spoken – Day in a Sentence is open! (listen to the prose poem invite)

How do participate?

  • Reflect on a moment or a day or the whole week
  • Boil that moment down to a single sentence
  • Share it out as a comment on this blog post
  • I will gather ’em up and release over the weekend

Peace (in the hip-hop prose poem),





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