What We Look Like (as comics)

New Class Picture: sept 2011
I took my homeroom students onto our Bitstrips for Schools account and we worked (work? naw. we played) on creating avatars so that we could create a webcomic version of our classroom. Note to reader: my students don’t look quite as strange as this. Or at least, they didn’t last week …

Peace (on the funny page),

First Day Jitters: What Excited Them/What Worries Them

We had a great first day of school, doing all sorts of activities and making the slow step forward into the school year. One activity that I do with my sixth graders on the first day of school is to get them to write out the things they are excited about and the things they are worried about for the year ahead. We then use Wordle to pull those ideas together. This is what we got. Can you tell which is which?
Worries about Sixth Grade
Excitement for Sixth Grade
Peace (in the words),

17,000 Miles: Connecting Students to the World

Yesterday, I gave a version of this presentation at our school district’s convocation. The “gimic” I used was to calculate how many miles my students have “traveled” over the years as they connected and collaborated online with other students and schools. This video was my draft, as I ran through what I hoped I would remember to say in front of an auditorium of colleagues.

Peace (in the miles to go),