What I Heard When Students Were Using our iPods

When we took part in the National Day on Writing, my students used our iPod Touch devices for podcasting. It was our first exposure to the devices this year. I couldn’t help but listen in to their discussions and a few comments stayed with me. So, I made a comic, not just because I think the comments are sort of funny (they are, to me) but also because the comments give us some insight into their thinking around using mobile devices in the classroom.
Using Our iPods: What I Heard
Peace (in the sharing),


  1. Kevin
    Just had to come across from my Google Reader to say how much I enjoyed your cartoon. Love the comments, they are so funny. Each one!
    Was that disappointment in the voice of the student who noted the apps were all educational!.
    Kathryn Trask

    • Thanks – and you are right, there was much disappointment in that student around all educ apps.
      I looked at them with my “what do you expect – this is school” look.
      It was a funny moment.

      PS — thanks for jumping over from RSS and commenting

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