Webcomic: Occupy the Classroom

I had this idea the other day to turn around the Occupy Wall Street into Occupy the Classroom as a webcomic. So this is what I came up with. Now I am thinking this idea may need some more episodes down the road (what about a counter Tea Party group of kids? I like that.) It came to me that many of the attributes of the Occupy Movement makes sense for a classroom culture (as long as the teacher doesn’t act like the Oakland Police Department).

(You can also view the comic over at Flickr.)

Peace (in the funny pages),


  1. Some fun, Kevin. We’ve been talking about the Occupy Wall Street movement in my 8th grade classes. I’ll share this with them. As usual, you amaze me. I love the moment when we wonder if the reverse psychology bit will back-fire or not.
    In an alternative universe…I like to think about moving to MA and being a student in your class.
    Keep doing that voodoo that you do so well.

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