Video Reflection 1: We’re About to Start Gaming

Today, we launch into our science-based video game design unit. I figure it is a good time to do a video reflection, and I will try to add more reflections as we go along. The “talking through” ideas can be helpful to me, and hopefully, to you if you are considering game design as a possible activity for your classroom, too. I am also including the handouts that we are working with this week. Feel free to steal what you need for your own projects, if it is helpful.

Geological Game Design Project
Geological Game Design Project Brainstorm Sheet

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  1. Sounds like a lot of fun, but one question I have is about the learning curve for gamestar mechanics. Not being a gamer myself, I don’t have any idea how much the teacher has to know before embarking on this project and/or how much time you have had to use in class to get the kids ready to do this. I like the ideas you’re talking about- the planning, the storyboarding, vocab, etc. Since I only see my kids twice a week, and have no real collaborators at my school, is this the type of project that you would think is feasible? What kind of time frame do you have in mind, including learning how to use the software/site?

    • Hi Maureen
      The learning curve for us teachers is pretty easy. The site is built around teaching gaming, and there are now lots of good resources that one can use. The kids jump right in and learn it right away.

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