Student Podcasting: Reviewing Gamestar Mechanic and Some Games

My students handed in an assignment to write a review of a favorite video game, as a form of persuasive writing and as another writing connection to our Video Game Design Unit. There are plenty of great ones, and we were using our iPod touches to podcast their reviews as well. A few of the students turned their attention to Gamestar Mechanic, to review the site itself or a game on the site. I had not quite expected that to happen, but it was fine.

Here, then, are a few student voices about Gamestar Mechanic, which we have been immersed in for the past few weeks.

First, Brittney reviewed Gamestar Mechanic itself:

Second, Jake reviewed his own game on Gamestar Mechanic (not quite what I had in mind with the assignment but still …)

Then, Erika reviewed her friend’s game on Gamestar, Chloe reviewed a satirical spoof on Justin Bieber, Abbe reviewed a friend’s game on volcanoes, and Amanda reviewed a game that she found in the Game Alley.

Peace (in the reviews),


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