The Annual Navel-Gazing: Blog Stats


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Like many bloggers, I am curious about who comes knocking at my door from time to time. So, at the end of the year, I like to take a peek at the data from my blog traffic. Maybe I do it to reinforce the idea that I even have visitors, or to gauge some impact of my writing in a small sliver of the world. Mostly, though, I have become interested in data and how to interpret it.

So, here is the big picture: My blog had 27,568 hits last year (of which 20,941 were unique visitors, meaning not folks who keep coming back — but I like those folks who do, of course. ) Other data elements are interesting to me, but maybe not for you. Still, here is a collection of analytics related to my blog in 2011. The screenshots come from this blog, and my site on Vimeo (for video sharing), and from Feedburner.

The post with the most hits? Nothing to do with education. Instead, it was my collection of short Twitter stories around love that I published for Valentine’s Day. Go figure!

I did notice that most of my visitors come via my friends’ Stacey and Ruth’s blog, Two Writing Teachers. I guess I owe them …
If you come visiting here now and then, I want to thank you.

Peace (in the data stream),


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  1. So nice to stop by and see you writing here and everywhere.
    I’ve been having such an odd relationship with my blogs lately.
    Wordpress changed the sizing and look of my photo blog and I rebelled.

    I have been taking an open source course and that has brought me back more often but I have been missing my personal challenge to upload and photo and write away each morning.

    I haven’t been checking my google reader either…

    I guess change is good.

    BUt I am so glad to see you writing and productive.


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