We’re Glogging Our Way on Digital Learning Day

It’s Digital Learning Day!

I am bringing my students onto Glogster.edu for the first time this year, but we will be using the digital poster site quite a bit as the year progresses for projects around multimedia writing in ELA, engineering explorations in Science, and a history poster in Social Studies (and who knows, maybe some graphing in Math). What we will be doing today is talking about “design principles” and then, they are going to working on a Glog that connects with the Adventure Short Story they just completed yesterday. Their Glog will focus on:

  • Summary
  • Protagonist/Antagonist
  • Setting

I want to keep it simple, and doable, but also, I didn’t want them to being a random project, either. Yesterday, I shared the Glog that I created for my own short story so they could envision what I am expecting. They also received a brainstorming sheet to gather ideas, so that today, we won’t have to worry about what is going to be written — just how it will look.

Peace (on Digital Learning Day!),


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  1. Thanks for sharing Kevin! I shared this post with my 6th grade language arts teacher. The 6th grade social studies and Hawaiian studies teacher both use glogster, so they can do more teaming.

    Happy digital learning day!

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