Digital Life Digital Poster Projects: Two Student Exemplars

Most of my students are now done, or finishing up, their digital posters that shows what they have learned about digital citizenship and living in a digital world. They are using to create their projects and most are doing a fantastic job. I wanted to share out two examples of student work that I think captures the quality and intent of many of the projects now coming to a finish.

The first one is by Charlotte.

The second one is by Elleana.

What I like about both of these is how they paid attention to design (which was part of the rubric criteria) and also relayed important information about the topics they chose to share about.
Here is a copy of the rubric:
The Digital Life Digital Poster Project

Peace (in the sharing),

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  1. Hi Kevin, I remember when you were just posting about the glogsters these students were making. These two do look good, not too busy with clear information to use. I especially like that the project is learning for them to use, the content & the product made. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love the Glogs! I had big plans for more Web 2.0 this year after doing my KMWP demo this summer on digital writing, but I have just not done it. I like the look of this project. I would love to know more about it.

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