Slice of Life: The ‘Inside This’ Poetry Podcast

I’m a big fan of how technology can bring student voices forward. Yesterday, I pulled out my voice recorder as my sixth graders were sharing a poem entitled “Inside This …” and asked if anyone wanted to share their poems as a podcast. I got a handful in each class, and the poems were nicely done, and sound wonderful. (The poem uses figurative language techniques to get at the essence of an inanimate object. I allowed one exception for the girl who wrote about a chicken egg. She loves writing about chickens.)

Enjoy the voices!

Peace (in the podcast),


  1. These were great! Interesting to see (hear?) how some of them stuck to surface ideas and kept things light, others got a bit deeper. You can really hear their connections to some of these as they read. (Kinda reminds me that I took your workshop years ago and thought I’d do some podcasting someday… and maybe I will)

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