More Facebook Follow-Up: Reaction from Parents

I’m in the third day of writing about an event at our school that began on Facebook and spilled into our school. (See the first post about the event and then the second post about my note to families). Yesterday, I wrote about the informational email I wrote that we sent home to all of our sixth grade parents. So far, the response from families back to us has been overwhelmingly positive, thanking us for the guidance and the resource links to help them guide their children in the networking space.

Here are a few comments that parents sent to us:

“…. although I did not  agree with Facebook, my husband and I talked and I allowed it with stipulations.  My husband and I are friends with him on Facebook  but  more than that, 13 or not, it is so important to not only be friended but also to have their username AND password. This way you can see  what’s posted to people you are not friends with.”

“Thank you for sending out this very insightful message, and thank you for looking out for our children.  I feel very strongly about children and social websites and I am grateful to you, Mr. Hodgson and the sixth grade team for addressing this issue.”

“We are very strict about media in our family, including tv and computer usage; (our child) certainly is not ready to be surfing the web or using social media outlets, but I realize that others may not see the threat to innocence…”

There were a few more simple “thank yous,” too. My hope with the note home is that we would hit a nerve with families and allow them a reason to get proactive with their children in the online spaces they inhabit. My wife and I are doing the same thing at home right now with our son (luckily, no problems) and so I understand how difficult it can be, and time consuming, too, but also, crucially important.

Check out this quote that came through my RSS reader this morning. Does it not have implications for this entire discussion and issue?

Words are to be taken seriously. I try to take seriously acts of language. Words set things in motion. I’ve seen them doing it. Words set up atmospheres, electrical fields, charges. I’ve felt them doing it. Words conjure. I try not to be careless about what I utter, write, sing. I’m careful about what I give voice to.


Peace (in this space and beyond),




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  1. So interesting and I love the quote. Glad the feedback is positive. In my experience, most parents what to do the right thing, some just don’t have the knowledge they need.

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