Slice of Life: I am Mr. Snow

We’re just under a week from our annual Quidditch Tournament and the artwork frenzy has taken hold. We are working on huge banner posters for our team (Permafrost) and every student is hard at work, finishing up their T-Shirt art projects. Yesterday, I realized that my own T-Shirt was still an empty canvas, so I asked a few students to get to work on it.

“What’s your number?” one asked me. Each student has an invented team number on the back of their shirt, just like real sports.

“Whatever you want it to be,” I replied.

“What do you want for a nickname?” another inquired. They all invent nicknames for themselves, and then paint it across the back of their shirts, above their numbers.

“Whatever you want to call me … just please be nice,” I pleaded.

They smiled at me — not mischievously but thoughtfully — and then a bunch of students gathered around, calling out possible nicknames for me. They ended up with “Mr. Snow” (inspired by the Snow Miser, I think, so that had me thinking, hmmmm) and then the girls got to work on my shirt. It’s lovely and beautiful, and best of all — it’s created by them.

Mr H tshirt

Peace (on the shirt),


  1. Love it! Good thing they didn’t call you President Snow!

    I love that your school still sees the value in big projects like this. Mine does, too, for which I am thankful.

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