Making Writing Poetry Visible (or Maybe Audible)

This morning, as I got ready to be inspired to write poetry at Bud Hunt’s blog, I decided to do something a little different. I turned on Audacity and “talked through” the entire process of writing — from the first moments when I saw the picture that Bud had posted and his one word inspiration, and then as I was writing, I tried to verbalize my thinking.

So, if you want to crawl into my meandering mind for a bit, take a listen.

Here is the poem that came out the other end.

Red Crate, Abandoned

Nothings remains
for long …
not even red crates in deserted alleyways
on familiar spaces

The gaps inside
with past objects, leaving trails behind –
memories lost –
along the byways of the forgetting

If you should come upon this carriage
of history
be gentle with me
and overflow the space with
new thoughts

Together, we’ll fill the emptiness
with words,
and fill the alleyways
with ideas.

Here is the podcast of the poem itself.


Peace (in the alleyways of ideas),


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