Video Gaming in the Classroom: Case Studies

This video playlist of three case studies of teachers integrating gaming into their classroom is worth a look if you are still wondering about the benefits of video game design. One teacher talks about using Minecraft; another, about how her traditional use of board games and design naturally shifted to video gaming when her school began to get computers and technology; and the other works at the Quest to Learn school that has a philosophical base built on gaming.

You can also check out my video game design resource, which maps out all of the work we did earlier this year around designing and publishing video games with a science-based theme.

Peace (in the game),

  1. Help! I am a fourth grade teacher, (and a bit older than the new generation of teachers). I embrace technology and use my SMARTboard daily. I am in a quandary and wonder if I can get some ideas.

    I have a student who is allowed to stay home just to play video games. This student misses many days of school. I am looking for a video game/program that I can use as incentive to get to school and learn.

    Do you have any suggestions?

  2. Yes. It is a parent issue and admin has been on it. Personally, I am not satisfied with the outcome, but there’s nothing I can do. So…I look at the kid, see what will motivate him/her and hope to give him/her reason to show up, right? I will check Gamestart Mechanic out. Hopefully it isn’t blocked by my district. If it is, I will put it to have it unblocked, (I have been successful with those requests in the past).

    Thanks, Kevin!

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