The Collaborative Dictionary Project: 600 Words and Counting

crazy dictionary 2012

Eight years in the making, and our Crazy Collaborative Online Dictionary of invented words continues to grow. When I think of it, and how the activity represents both a learning experience (about language, about technology) and a vertical collaboration (across time), I come away knowing that the dictionary is something pretty neat and special. We use a wiki, and podcasting to get their voice into the mix, to add to the dictionary every year, and some students are collaborating with their siblings (when they were in sixth grade) and already collaborating with future students. It’s like some strange time-warp thinking project, you know?

You can head to the 2012 Dictionary (with just this year’s words) or you can head to the HUGE dictionary with eight years worth of words. Either way, you can get a sense of how my sixth graders have a fun time with language.

Peace (in the words),

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