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How to Wordle

We’ve just completed our expository/informational writing assignment, which allows students to choose topic of explanation and then write through the steps in clear, organized, logical writing. I’m always interested in what they choose as topics, as it can be serious or fun, or even imaginative. The word cloud above captures some of the topics of the assignment.

This year, I shifted away from our narrative paragraph writing as I continue to make moves towards the new frameworks in our state, influenced by the Common Core. Next year, I’d really love to make this kind of assignment a more of a Maker’s Fair, with video tutorials on how to do what they are showing us to do, incorporating technology into the assignment in a meaningful way. I didn’t have my act in gear this year, but next year …. for sure.

Peace (in the explainin’),


  1. Nice! I want to read “How to annoy siblings” because I’m a master interested in innovations in this important area. Thanks again for sharing.

  2. We are finishing the year with the theme of changes, one final push for assessment, we are supposed to write a 5 paragraph persuasive essay, we are going to develop instead scripts for an iMovie, cuz I am that kid in class that wants to push the envelope at the end of the year. Love the wordle, as usual you inspire me, so I am going to create a wordle of our topics for change!

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