The Wishing Tree

(this is not our tree but an example of one)

I am so thankful for our art teacher. As our school grapples with a serious bike accident involving one of our sixth graders, many of us teachers and students have felt rather helpless about how to help the family and the student, and ourselves. But this weekend, after hearing the news, our art teacher went out and bought a Japanese Wishing Tree, and launched a project yesterday to channel our energy in a positive direction.

And now, in school, students and staff are making notes and origami cranes to our student on our Japanese Wishing Tree, which will be delivered to the student in the coming days. The tree is a way to channel some of our concerns and fears and hopes for our student and to come together as a school community in a constructive way.

I’ll be writing my note today.

Peace (in hopes),


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  1. I think this is a wonderful idea, Kevin. Your art teacher seems to have hit just the right note to support all the different feelings that must be happening at your school, and all so uniquely personal too. Still sending thoughts and prayers your way for your student.

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