Choice Literacy Podcast 2: Teachers as Writers in the Digital Age

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The second part of a podcast interview with Franki Sibberson for Choice Literacy is now online. In it, Franki and I chatted about the ways in which teachers can begin to make the shift into the world of digital writing …. themselves. The word cloud above captures the text of my responses, and I am happy that I talked about “think”ing and “writing” so much. I do believe that if our students and schools are going to make a solid shift into understanding technology as part of learning, then teachers need to be exploring and playing with it themselves, so that they can understand the possibilities.

Listen to the podcast with Franki at Choice Literacy: Teachers Writing in the Digital Age

And the first part of our interview was posted a few weeks ago, but it focused in on what writing in the classroom is looking like as we bring more technology into the mix, and recognize the authentic literacies of our students.

Listen to the podcast: Writing Workshop in the Digital Age

Peace (in the reflection),

PS — all Choice Literacy podcasts are also available at the iTunes store.


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