Sharing Student Work: Digital Life Glogs

digital life posters

I was fortunate to be asked by my National Writing Project colleagues Gail Desler and Natalie Bernasconi to contribute a few pieces of student work to their emerging site around digital citizenship and digital life. The wiki site — entitled Digital ID — is becoming another great resource to share with teachers and students around the teaching of using technology in meaningful and thoughtful ways. My sixth grade students contributed a few Glogster posters to the developing section around student-created work.

Gail and Natalie are really curating a site with value, particularly around lesson plans and resources, and an overarching theme of empowering students with technology in a way that gives them agency to make informed decisions about their digital footprints and lives. This is a theme that I have been trying to articulate with my students all year, too. I love how they lay out their rationale for creating the site and provide a framework for understanding that is easily adaptable by teachers. Those reflective stances put the activities and learning goals in context.

Check out Digital ID for more information and for more resources.

Peace (in the sharing),


  1. Kevin,

    Thanks for mentioning the Digital ID project. We’ll look forward to featuring more of your students’ work in this new school year.

    Please let last year’s students know that I visited an elementary computer lab in my district, just in time to watch a group of 5th graders be incredibly impressed by your students’ glogs. Students teaching students is such a powerful model!

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