Static Interference: a poem about writing interruptus

(I wrote this for Teachers Write, a virtual summer writing camp for teachers run by the author Kate Messner. I’ll write more about the program in the coming days.)

Static Interference

the story’s started …
the plot’s been launched …
the character set in motion
but somehow, in all of this commotion of daily living,
I have left him there, all alone with his narrative,
while I was off doing these other things.

I wonder what he does when I am not around,
and what he thinks about — this character I created —
and whether some wrinkle in my planning goes awry
every time I turn my back on him
to live life outside of the story for a little bit …

He doesn’t have that option –
trapped inside the words that I created from an idea not yet fully formed
and what I don’t want is for my story to become a jail cell –
I want my words to become the key
that breaks him out of all that static interference of uncertainty…

So, forgive me, my friend,
for leaving you there so long without a word to keep you company.
You were never really far from my thoughts.
No, you’ve been here,
sitting on the edge of my ear all week,
whispering secret plans that no one else can hear,
colluding together on the next chapter of story.

– listen to the podcast version of the poem:

Peace (in the poem),

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  1. Oh my, this sounds so familiar. My poor characters have been trapped, too! I may have to pay more attention to what she whispers in my ear and then dive back in.

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