Talking Tonight on Teachers Teaching Teachers

I am looking forward to talking with National Writing Project friend Paul Allison and others on tonight’s webcast episode of Teachers Teaching Teachers. Paul asked if I would join him to chat about some of the projects and work and play that my students did over the course of the school year, so I am going to focus a bit on our research essay/multimedia project, and then shift into video game design in the classroom.¬† I also hope to discuss a summer reading project that I am doing in Edmodo with a new teacher colleague out in Texas, where our students are using (sort of) a shared Edmodo space for book talk. And then who knows where the conversation might end up.

The livestream of the discussion will be over at EdTechTalk: tonight (Wednesday) at 9PM ET / 6PM PT. If you can join  us in the chat room there, that would be cool. If not, I will post the archived video discussion that Paul creates over here when it is live and ready.

Peace (in the discussions),



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