Infographic: Teens and Social Media

Digital Diet of Teens
A recent survey by CommonSense Media gives us yet another picture of the extend of social media in the lives of teenagers. This infographic – Social Media/ Social Life — gives a larger picture, but a few highlights for me:

  • The prevalence not just of social media, but of Facebook, in particular, as the social media platform being used. Given Facebook’s intent to consistently change its rules on privacy (see this week’s flap around email), I find it worrisome that so many young people put their trust and their data with one single company;
  • There is a general positive feeling about the use of social networks to strengthen ties with other people;
  • Despite appearances, a majority of teens still value face-to-face time, and see it as more important than screen connection time;
  • A significant number (but nowhere near a majority) indicate they wish there were more “unplugged” moments;
  • Most social media use is across genders, except for sharing of photos (girls do it more), and girls are also more apt to be stressed about that photo sharing.

So, interesting stuff. Be aware that while CommonSense Media is a great site, full of resources, they are also a site that is very critical of the ways that technology influence children. So the quotes used in the infographic and the ways that findings are presented no doubt serve the identity of the organization. But, even so, I found the information useful as a father, and as a teacher.

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