Gamestar Mechanic’s Online Learning Environment

An Introduction to the GSM Online Learning Course from E-Line Media on Vimeo.

I am trying to take advantage of a partnership between the National Writing Project and Gamestar Mechanic to learn more about the summer design project that Gamestar has launched for kids. Young gamers enrolled in the online program use webinars and one-to-one coaching and game-building activities with professional game designers to learn more about designing video games. I’m hoping to pop into some of the discussions and take part on the outskirts of the activity, as much as I can.

I missed a webinar the other day (it’s summer!) but I was looking over the documents shared in that session, and I liked how the focus was on the entire design process, in particular: how to revise your game after getting feedback. My own work has been trying to connect game design theory with writing process theory, and if we can find more ways to make revision more meaningful for young writers, then I am all for trying to make those connections. (see our Video Game Design site)
Check out this handy chart from Gamestar:
Game Design Process_ Gamestar Mechanic

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  1. Just a quick thought about connection between game building and text building–the idea in agile/lean programming: fast prototyping.

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