Consuming versus Creating

I’m in charge of a writing prompt over at a P2PU inquiry group around digital writing. My topic is to connect writing with “making,” and creating, and as part of that discussion, I shared my view that we need to make sure we are using technology to provide avenues for shifting kids from consumers to creators. A link to this chart by Gary Hayes was an interesting connection, too, for while it looks at the ways that people participate (or don’t) in online spaces, it also maps out the role of consumer versus creator.

Myth of Non-Participation

One of the questions I pose to our inquiry group: where are YOU on the chart? What about you?

Peace (in the creating),


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  1. I am at the editing moving toward creator end of the spectrum. I worked hard to flip my class last year, not so much with videos but with reversing the role of the learner: producers rather than consumers.

    I am presenting a session on creativity in the classroom and that is one of the basic tenets: flip Bloom’s Taxonomy and start at the top.

    It would now be interesting to see this graphic mixed with the gradual release of responsibility model. What do we expect to be modeled, what is guided, when are students expected to be independent? What does independence look like?

  2. Kevin, thanks for the great infographic — this is my first trip to your blog, and I can tell there will be many trips to come. Keep up the great thinking and writing, and thanks for your encouragement over at Teaching the Core.

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