Scoop it: Writing in a Digital Age

For some time, I’ve noticed folks using a site called to collect/curate information. I finally took the plunge recently during a collective curation suggestion by some friends in an inquiry study group at P2PU, and then branched off to create my own Scoop page around “writing in a digital age.” As I gather and find articles around this topic of how writing may/may not be changing with technology, I am adding them into the Scoop news. (So far, I think I have pretty interesting pieces up there.)
I’ll write more about Scoop another day (I am thinking of how this site compares to for gathering and distributing news and articles).

See what you think.

Peace (in the scoop),


  1. This is a really interesing format and I am CONFIDENT that it offers an effective way to publish / share / synthesize short pieces in schools / college settings. I like the idea of multiple people writing on the same page / same topic. Basically it is a newspaper format – digitally presented! I signed up last month and will watch to see if you and the others I consider to be digital leaders move their formats before I do!

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