Adventure Game Design: The Odyssey of Tara

I am immersed in a unit around adventure/story game design with the Gamestar Mechanic Summer Online Learning program. I decided to use an offshoot of The Odyssey to create my game. Notice how I also titled each section/chapter as part of the development of the story (exposition, climax, etc.) because I might use this as a demonstration of connecting story to game in the classroom.
I did try to make this game a little trickier than others, so let me know how it goes. Bring Tara home!

Peace (in the adventure),



  1. Okay during morning break it is wet, and I got students coming up to ask questions while I was trying to play. Going to get some of my students on to this later!!

  2. I really enjoyed your game!

    It took me and my friend Jordan about 5 minutes to complete it. Looking forward to more Levels!


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