Understanding the I Search Idea

Next week, a colleague and I will continue our work with a group of teachers in a local school district as we explore more integration of writing into the classroom. We had begun our first week by diving into the Common Core, and now we are using the wonderful resource — Content-Area Writing — as the stepping stone into helping teachers understand the power of writing to learn. During our time together, we are going to be helping scaffold an I Search project, which is based around personally inquiry.

I created the overview above with PowToons, just to give an idea of what an I Search is all about. Meanwhile, I, too, am embarking on an I Search project. My topic? What does science have to do with throwing a baseball pitch? It’s one of those things that I was never good at (pitching) but I watch my sons with wonder as they toss a variety of pitches that makes the ball do funny things in the air. I want to know why that happens, and if there are ways for me to throw a oddball pitch.

Peace (in the searching),


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