My New Webcomic: The Tweets

I heard a news story the other day in which presidential candidate Mitt Romney was accused of having “fake” Twitter followers as a way (I guess) of buffering up his likeability quotient. The piece then said that some companies will get paid to create fake Twitter followers (although Twitter will ban folks for life for doing that) and it occurred to me that someone’s job might involve being a fake follower. Thus, a quick webcomic about two friends who are unemployed called The Tweets. It’s nothing fancy. But I hope you get a chuckle. This will be a short-run comic. In other words, it’ll be over quick!
Here are the first two comics in the series. The guys are Stewie (tall dude) and Frank (small dude).
Tweets 1
Tweets 2


Peace (in what I hope is your funny bone),

PS — I am using the webcomic site — Strip Generator — for this one.

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