Using Mozilla’s Pop-Up Video Tool on Dav Pilkey

Mozilla Popcorn Popup Videos

I’ve been interested in the various tools that Mozilla has been putting out around hacking the web (with HTML5), and my son was in a video class this summer that used the beta version of Popcorn, the new video tool of Mozilla. One offshoot version of Popcorn is Pop-up, which allows you to layer in pop-up text on online videos in a fun way. I decided to talk back to Dav Pilkey in a short PSA video he did around reading.

View my pop-up video here

You can access the tools via Mozilla’s Webmaker site. Things are still in beta, but all of these tools would be useful for the classroom, particularly around the idea of hacking the web. You can see my post earlier this summer about Thimble, the website creator education tool from Mozilla.
So go on, give it a try. Think of it all as emerging legit hacker tools for kids.
Peace (in the pop),

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