Cleaning the Classroom, Cleaning the Websites

I feel like we are getting started so much later than everyone else, but our school year with students starts today. I’m pretty excited and antsy about the start of school, about getting to know our students and setting a good, positive routine to start of the year. I think my classroom is pretty well set (although I seem to have lost or misplaced a few posters that I usually hang on the wall, and it is irking me to no end right now).

I also began the task of cleaning up the online spaces that we call “home” with our sixth graders. Yesterday, I went through the process of removing a lot of old content from our classroom weblog (keeping some things up there so it doesn’t feel like an empty space and so incoming students have an idea of what’s ahead of them). I also went into our daily homework/project blog, and scraped it pretty much clean.

The other day, I worked in Bitstrips, the webcomic site, which I will be using today with my homeroom kids, and now I need to shift into and Gamestar Mechanic, opening up spaces for this year’s students by “retiring” my former students. I usually make room to keep a few past-year stragglers, if they are active in a site. I like having some connections remain.

But it seems odd to have some empty shells of sites that I know, soon enough, will become hubs of activity for us.

Peace (in the start of the year),


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