The First of the (digital) Dreams is a Writer

In class, many students are moving into Photostory3 as they begin the recording, editing and producing of their digital storytelling project to start our year: the Dream Scenes. They have the option of sharing the final videos at our sixth grade youtube account (they are surprised that we even have a youtube account but we most certainly do). The other day, the first dream scene was completed, and it’s a dream right for my heart: she wants to become a writer, and not just a writer, but a writer of a series of books.

The Dream Scene project consists of:

  • A writing prompt that becomes the script of the story, in which students say what a goal is for themselves, why it is important and how they are going to achieve it
  • An illustration created in MS Paint (A challenge for many of them) and no clip art allowed
  • A digital story video at the end, with voice, art, music and motion

Today, they’ll have more time to work on their projects and then the plan is to wrap it all up on Monday.

Peace (in the dreams, hopes and aspiration),


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