Caine’s Arcade and the Global Cardboard Challenge

Maybe I have been out of this loop but I had not heard of the story of Caine’s Arcade, but it is fascinating on a number of levels. First, there’s this young kid who used cardboard and odd parts to create his own arcade in his dad’s shop (Maker Movement reference). Then, there is a fimmaker who stumbles into the arcade, is fascinated by the invention of games out of cardboard and creates a documentary movie. Finally, the story goes viral, people all over line up to play and a scholarship for the boy is funded beyond belief.

And now, there is a Global Cardboard Challenge being planned for October 6 by the Imagination Foundation. Here, kids are challenged to create their own games and play out of cardboard, just as Caine did. I wonder if I can pull together something for my classes on that day — some kind of Make Game activity, and have them become part of the global activities on that day (which, I see, is a Saturday …) Or maybe I can do something with my own kids at home.

If there is one thing that schools often have a lot of it, it is cardboard, right?

Peace (in the play),



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