TFK Saves the Day (again)

tfk president resource

I am not a PR flak for Time for Kids. Honest. But it seems like every time I am about to launch into a large research and writing project, TFK arrives on my doorstep with useful resources. Last year, just as we were about to do an environmental science essay project, a special edition of the weekly news magazine that focused on the environment came to my classroom.

Now, as we begin to set the stage for an iSearch research project next week about the presidential campaign (students choose topics to research, and then the writing becomes a persuasive letter to the next president), a TFK teacher resource guide lands on my desk, with tons of resources and activities and handouts about the presidential campaign that will be a great addition to our discussions.


Peace (in the research),

PS — we used this great video from CommonCraft the other day to give an overview of how a president actually gets elected via the Electoral College system. My students had never heard of it, and they really enjoyed the video.


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