Fantastic Resource: Reading Like Historians

One of the points of discussions with my fellow teachers on my sixth grade team, in relation to the Common Core, is how to keep developing ways for reading and writing to become the center of learning in the science and social studies classes. We’ve been making good progress for the past two years, but the more resources I can share, the better. That said, check out this wonderful collection of videos from The Teaching Channel around “reading like a historian.” We’re brought right into the classroom, and the issues of teaching content-area reading are really front and center along a few threads: an overview, the evaluation of sources, putting history in context, and corroboration of information. I am definitely sharing this with collection with my colleagues.


Peace (in the reading),

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  1. Thank you for sharing this! What a great resource and very thought provoking. With Common Core, all students need to be writing more non-fiction. This is a great way to hold teachers accountable for having children write non-fiction every day.

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